Tips to Reduce Summer Spending and Increase Your Savings

Summer is one of the best times of year. With the kids out of school and (hopefully) some vacation time scheduled at work, it’s a perfect season to enjoy extra time with family and friends. Of course, it also can be a perfect time to run up big summer spending.

Avoid Summer Spending

Getting through the summer and staying within a budget can prove difficult for many. Here are some ideas for summer savings – you’ll thank yourself when Labor Day rolls around.

Find Inexpensive Activities

If you have kids, the summer spending can add up quickly. Scour the internet for summer activities that don’t cost so much in your area. Many museums and other attractions have discounts for local residents. Many area parks are a great, free way to spend a day. There also are festivals, local arts fairs and summer camps that can prove much less expensive during the summer months. Simply playing games at home can also be fun, lead to more quality time and create some big summer savings.


Summer vacations are great but can also really zap your budget. The best way to stay within a budget this summer is to find destinations a bit closer to home, saving you on expensive airfares or gas prices. While it doesn’t have to quite be a “staycation,” it pays off to find cool destinations in your part of the world.

Air Conditioning

This used to affect people mostly in the southern United States, but now it is everywhere. Try to cut down on air conditioning costs by opening windows during the cooler evening hours or setting a higher temperature on the thermostat – as high as you can stand it and still be comfortable. Also, be sure to have maintenance done on the air conditioning system before the hottest part of the summer months.

Lawn Maintenance

Many people want a lush law in the summer months. This year, go more for “presentable” than “perfect.” Cut down on the amount of sprinkling you do and watch your monthly water bill drop. You’ll find the extra summer savings cash in your pocket more than makes up for a slightly less perfect lawn.

Cook at Home

With the kids out of school, now is the perfect time to teach them some cooking skills and spend a little more time in the kitchen yourself. Cooking at home more leads to major cost savings. Eating out might be fun at the time, but too much of it each week can throw your budget out of whack. Take advantage of everyone being home and plan to spend more time together making meals.

Streaming Instead of the Theater

Watching more movies at home can save a lot of money as opposed to going to the theater. The theater is far more than just ticket costs, with concessions sometimes running up toward $100 if you bring a large group. Scan the thousands of movies available on streaming services. You can rent a movie and microwave some popcorn at home for under $10.

These are just some of the ways you can create savings this year by watching your summer spending. Make a commitment to reach the end of August with more cash in your pocket. You – and your family – will be happy that you did.

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