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Frequently Asked Questions

How Apply & Buy Works?

Most banks are set up to only help people with good credit.  And many car dealerships or real estate agents do not have access to the specific financing programs that our customers need. That’s where Apply & Buy is here to help.

We have a network of trusted lenders who often specialize in helping people with bad credit. Using this model, we’ve been able to help families and individuals across North America find an affordable vehicle or home.

We only ask for the information that we need to determine a pre-approval status. We ask for information about your financial circumstances and you location to find a lender near you who can offer the best possible financing in our network.

Filling out the pre-approval questionnaire takes just a few minutes. We’ll review your application within minutes and a lender partner will reach out to you within about 24 hours.

No, we’re not the lender. We connect you with lender programs that specialize in helping those with unique credit situations such as no credit history or poor credit. This way you’re able to get financing for the vehicle you need. In the end, it will be the finance or dealership partner who handles the financing.

Questions About a Vehicle Purchase

The dealership that is calling you has your pre-approval offer and would like to show you available vehicles that fall within your budget and meet your vehicle preferences. They are there to answer your questions and help you complete your purchase the car, truck, SUV or van that’s right for you.

No. When our dealership partner initially gets in contact with you, the intent is to inform you of what your options are. From there, you are able to make a personal decision upon whether you would like to make a vehicle purchase with that dealer.

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