6 Dream Home Features You Want

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. Chances are whatever you are picturing is totally different than the “dream home” of years past.

That’s because new homes have a ton of amazing features these days. From elements that make life easier to little luxuries that make a house feel like home, you have a ton of options to choose from.

A Movie-Worthy Dream Home Kitchen

Have you ever watched a movie and gotten distracted by the beauty of a character’s kitchen? You’re not the only one!

Even fictional characters expect gourmet kitchens these days. We live in a foodie culture, so upgraded kitchens are definitely a must. This means open layouts, quality appliances, plenty of counter space and kitchen islands.

Spa-Style Bathrooms

Similar to the upgraded kitchens, a relaxing master bathroom is also a major feature that people are looking for. Bathrooms should be functional, of course. But they should also be aesthetically pleasing with nice tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Separate showers with luxurious shower heads are also popular. And everyone loves a gorgeous bathtub – perfect for a relaxing soak.

Smart Technology

Technology is a major part of life, so it’s no surprise that it has made its way into our homes. Smart technology can make life easier in so many ways.

You can control almost everything in your house using smart technology. Want to turn the temperature down before you get home for work? You can do that! Heading to the grocery store and want to see if you have butter in the fridge? A smart fridge can let you know.

There are smart security options, video doorbells, garage openers and so much more. Whatever dream home feature is most important to you, there is likely a smart technology option available.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

People love their pets. Four-legged family members deserve the good life, too, and today’s’ homeowners look for homes that can provide that.

Large yards with plenty of space to run and play is a common pet-friendly feature that is highly in-demand. Inside the house, pet-friendly floor options are also important. And if there are walking paths in the neighborhood or a close local dog park, that makes the home even more appealing to pet owners.

Green Home Features

Environmentally-friendly homes are becoming more popular. Not only can these features help the environment, but many of them can also make a home more energy efficient and lead to long-term cost savings.

For example, a home that uses solar energy can save homeowners a lot of money on electric bills over time. And energy efficient appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can also make a major difference in energy usage.

Quality Flooring

Another must-have home feature is quality flooring. Hardwood floors and bamboo floor are popular options. Tile is another beloved choice, especially with so many different tile options available.

Wall to wall carpet isn’t as common, but luxurious carpet options are still desired in some bedrooms. It all comes down to your personal style. No matter what you like, new homes prominently feature flooring as a design element as well as a functional home feature.

These represent just some of many new features available in homes. While not every home has them all, it’s good to know what’s popular – and what you might want to add in your own dream home.

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