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How Does Apply & Buy Really Work?

At Apply & Buy we make the buying process simple – no matter what you’re purchasing. Using our quick, online pre-approval process we’ll match you with lenders who are ready to offer the best financing available for your next vehicle or home purchase. Stop worrying about your credit and financing options and start shopping for your next purchase! We make it easy to apply for a loan and buy the vehicle or home you’ve been looking for.

We’re not your lender, but we know what you want in a financier. We’ve spent our careers building a quality network of lenders who possess our shared focus on customer service and satisfaction. This ensures that visitors to ApplyandBuy.com have access the best selection of financing offers available for your next big purchase. Start Your Search.

These Vehicles are Waiting for You:

Looking for a Car?
Looking for a Car?As Low as $199/mo
Start the Approval today for a New or Used Car.
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Looking for a Truck?
Looking for a Truck?As Low as $259/mo
Get Approved for a new or used Truck.
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Looking for an SUV?
Looking for an SUV?As Low as $299/mo
Start the Approval Process for a New or Used Sport Utility Vehicle.
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Looking for a Van?
Looking for a Van?As Low as $225/mo
Get Approved for a New or Used Van from a Lender Near You.
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These HOMES are Waiting for you:

Looking to buy a House?
Looking to buy a House?
Residential, Single Family Home
Find a Home Loan… Go >>

Looking to buy a Condo?
Looking to buy a Condo?
Residential, Condo
Search financing options… Go >>
Looking for an Apartment?
Looking for an Apartment?
Residential, Apartment
Start an Application… Go >>

Looking for a Townhouse?
Looking for a Townhouse?
Residential, Townhouse
Get Qualified for a Loan… Go >>

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AUTOS: Resources and Expert Tips for Applying & Buying

Check our expert tips and resources from Apply & Buy. Save money, save time and learn to get the best deal on your next vehicle purchase!

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